February 18, 2020

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February 12, 2020

This is an opinion piece. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of Quantum Botanicals, LLC.

At Quantum Botanicals, we view kratom as the most amazing supplement to approach the mainstream in generations. I have personally used kratom as an aid, in the...

December 30, 2019

Hey y'all,

Just a quick note to wish you a Happy New Year and to let y'all know that we appreciate you very much! Thank you so much to our vendors, our customers, and the rad people, in the kratom community who are sharing positive truths and leading the charge of progr...

October 2, 2019

Negative Opinions about Kratom

It is, in fact true, that not everybody loves kratom. In addition to those groups the kratom-community often view as the “enemy,” (big pharm, FDA,) there are in fact, some people who have tried kratom and left with a negative opinion. I re...

May 27, 2019

To learn about kratom, we recommend: www.americankratom.org

Unlike the vast majority of subjects, there is not an option for public input, on the kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) Wikipedia page. Therefore, the majority of kratom consumers, and family members of consumers, vo...

January 24, 2019

It is our pleasure to support American's rights to the plant we believe in so much by supporting the American Kratom Association. We believe you should too! Please, learn all about their policy here: 


November 30, 2017

Wednesday, I had the pleasure of attending the American Kratom Association’s press conference at the CNN Omni Center, in Atlanta, GA. The following is my opinion on kratom, referencing facts from studies done at the University of Florida and various sources available a...

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